Electric vehicles are increasingly common in business fleets, providing businesses with the opportunity to save money, improve their environmental footprint, and enhance their clean brand image. As we prepare for the switch to electric vehicles, we are presented with some new concepts and challenges which, when approached correctly, will maximise the potential of this technology.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles, otherwise known as “battery electric vehicles” or “pure electric vehicles”, are wholly driven by an electric motor, powered by a battery that can be plugged into the mains. There is no combustion engine.

Cost Benefits

  • No BIK Payments: by choosing an electric vehicle, drivers will not be required to pay Benefit in Kind. Zero BIK impact for employees charging at their workplace.
  • Tax Relief: SEAI grant of €5,000 per vehicle and up to €5,000 VRT relief (See
  • Cheaper to run: Electric Vehicles are cheaper to run and maintain than combustion engines as there is less moving parts.


Environmental Benefits

  • Reducing Carbon Footprint: Electric vehicles emit 0 tailpipe CO2 emissions, no noise or air pollutants.
  • Improve Air Quality: switching to EV’s improves air quality and reduces emissions that are harmful to our health.
  • Lower CO2 Emissions: Every car that is replaced with an electric vehicle contributes a CO2 saving of around 133.1g/km.

AVIS Fleet Solutions is committed to being a part of the EV shift by promoting ‘greener’ fleets and helping businesses and drivers make the move to electric vehicles.




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