Useful Maintenance Tips during Lockdown

Useful Maintenance Tips during Lockdown

During these unprecedented times we can easily forget about our vehicles while not using them daily. While we are working from home we can sometimes forget that our work vehicles are idle and do need some TLC from time to time to maintain their performance levels.

Our Driver Support team have outlined some useful tips to keep your vehicle in top shape while avoiding potential maintenance problems for you and your vehicle. When this is all over and life is back to our “new normal” we want your vehicles to be healthy and waiting for you to continue with work and life after lockdown.

So why not use some spare time to check on the following areas?

  1. Start your engine: Flat batteries are the main problem with vehicles that have been left unused for a long period of time. Although travel is currently restricted to essential services, the AA encourage drivers to start their vehicles for at least 20 minutes every few days. This can help to prevent the battery from going flat.
  2. Move your vehicle: If your vehicle is parked for long periods of time, all the weight is concentrated on one section of each tyre. By moving your vehicle every now and then, the vehicle weight is spread more evenly and helps prevent your tyres developing flat spots.
  3. Check your tyre pressure: Consult with your vehicle handbook for the correct tyre pressure. Use the air pumps at petrol stations to inflate tyres if necessary, and ensure you aren’t over-inflating them.
  4. Check your oil levels: Wipe the dipstick clean so that the minimum and maximum markers can be clearly seen. Insert the dipstick back in place and then remove it again to see where the oil level appears. If there is oil somewhere between the minimum and maximum line, it is safe to drive the car. If the oil level is below the minimum line, or close to it, you should avoid driving until it can be topped up using the specified oil in your handbook.
  5. Clean your vehicle: Don’t forget to take time to clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Having a clean company vehicle, especially when there is branding visible, reflects positively on companies and may even attract some new business.
  6. Check your screen wash level: Screen wash levels are often overlooked and now is an ideal time to check it and top it up if required. Avis Fleet Solutions recommend not topping up with tap water, but to use a screen wash fluid. We do not recommend tap water as water alone will not remove grease and grime as well as a dedicated screen wash product.
  7. Warning lights: Most warning lights operate on a traffic light based system. Red Lights – Important, this needs immediate attention. Yellow/Amber Lights - Indicate to drive straight to the repairer. (However, if the light is yellow/amber and there is a difference in the vehicle’s performance, people should immediately stop and seek assistance).

For more information about vehicle maintenance or if you require assistance in relation to your vehicles maintenance please call us on 01 8660520 and a member of the Avis Fleet Solutions Driver support team will be able to assist you with your query.

We at Avis Fleet Solutions wish you and your loved ones all the best during this difficult time and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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